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In built CRM system that combines text, email, gift card, and loyalty point services.

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Pabau’s bespoke CRM software for all medical and beauty treatments allows you to manage and analyse your patient’s interaction and engagement across the entire marketing mix (web enquires, phone, email, etc.).

Pabau’s CRM is the end-to-end solution your clinic needs to monitor, report and optimise your patient outreach and communication strategies. By continually optimising your marketing efforts you can build valuable, sustainable patent relationships - turning patient loyalty into increased sales and revenue.


The in-built CRM software can be integrated with your text and email outreach strategies. However integration goes beyond simply sending and receiving patient communications.

The CRM software measures marketing performance by reporting on click-through rates, response rates, engagement, and many more key performance metrics.

The insights gained through Pabau’s CRM software means you can, report, refine and optimise your marketing strategies in real-time.

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Looking to promote a new product launch? Or perhaps you have seasonal offers you’d like to promote? Pabau’s clinic marketing software offers a thorough analysis at your products and/or treatments performance.

Managing your marketing efforts at such as a granular level means you can be more efficient with your marketing budgets. Increasing investmentinto promoting products and treatments that offer you your largest profit margins, or the treatments that are under-performing.


  • Fantastic software and great customer support. The system works as promised and has great add-on's which help to personalize the system to suit your salon size etc. The guys are always happy to help however small or silly the problem might be. :)

    • Samuel David
  • Implemented the system in both clinics very quickly. So easy to use and the inbuilt marketing function allows me to reach out to clients by email and text seamlessly. I've used a lot of systems in my career and this is up there with the best.

    • Cavendish Clinic

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