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Set team targets

Pabau allows you to set team or individual goals in over 30 different categories. Set targets such as average spend per hour, retail targets, rebook rates and more.

Performance Management

When it comes to your performance appraisals, it's touch to keep them meaningful. Pabau helps this by cutting to the heart of an effective performance review, using set questions for both the manager and the individual. The higher the engagement, the better the result. Invite colleagues to peer review individuals to get that true 360 overview of an employees performance.


Pabau's easy to setup commissions help your staff members earn a percentage of the revenue generated from the products, services and packages they sell. Using the team report, you can identify the exact amounts to be paid to each team member at the end of the month.

Applicant Tracking

Pabau makes the candidate hiring process easy, by allowing you to create custom job listings, posting them on your website, and then the applicants feeding straight into your Pabau account. Schedule interviews directly from there profile, and hey, if they get the job - convert them to a user!

Training Plans

Our training plan feature allows you to custom build questionnaires your team can complete at any point. There answers will be produced in a report, they can be graded and even awarded a certificate of completion. Creating a new training plan is simple and fast.

Wait.. there's more

and here are some other features that Team Plus offers

KPI Explorer

Explore employee metrics within the team report

Lead Groups

Route enquiries to specific team members based on a particular enquiry or location.

Manager reviews

Managers can give feedback on individuals and compare that against the employees response.

Self reviews

Allow employees to give there own feedback on if they feel valued at the business.

Peer reviews

Receive team feedback collectively to build a true picture of how an employee is perceived amongst their peers.

Appraisal reminders

Be reminded of an employees upcoming appraisal.

Share uploaded documents

Share any uploaded documents directly with the employee such as employee handbooks.

Get more from Plus

The Pabau plus suite expands our already existing features even more, by taking your business to the next level with our unique tools. Below is just a snippet of what each module offers!


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