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We offer a truly automated online booking system that will maximise room and equipment usage in your practice.

Pabau Clinic Management Software Features



An innovative, touch capable appointment book that works seamlessly to simplify and streamline your clinic’s booking process. Appointments will update & appear in real-time, and you can easily move around appointments using the drag-and-drop features. Working with your appointments has never been easier.


Pabau handles the entire patient life cycle to save significant time on a daily basis by simplifying key tasks such as patient consultations, consent forms, medical questionnaires, procedure photos & more.


With Pabau’s.... unique and stylish point of sale interface, billing and invoicing is extremely fast and straightforward. Set up a price list and charge for treatments and products, calculate profit and work out practitioner commission. Apply variable pricing, by clinic, insurance company, NHS or practitioner.


Pabau boasts the most extensive inbuilt marketing tools on the market. Effective marketing begins by answering questions like, “What types of treatments go unfilled?” “Who hasn’t been coming in as often?” or “What products aren’t patients buying?” PABAU gives you the answers instantly—and with features such as loyalty programs, gift cards, referral tracking and email marketing, it’s easy to act on them.

Intelligence (Smart Boards)

If you can quantify something, PABAU software can track it and report on it—making it easy to allocate your budget and your resources more astutely. Some perennial favorites: monthly sales, bookings, trends, retention rates, and inventory levels.


From stock ordering to stock counting & product management. The day you start using the Pabau system you can rest assured that your stock is being accurately maintained at the level you require. Pabau work with some of your favorite distributors to ensure you can create quick & easy orders direct from your Pabau account.


Whether you operate a group of clinics or are just planning your second clinic Pabau is the only system designed with in-built group functionality from the start. What were difficult or time consuming tasks with your existing systems are suddenly no longer difficult. Literally hours of time will be saved.

Lead Management

Turn looks into leads. Seamlessly populate & score visitor data from your website into your CRM system. Publish spam-free forms and create time and context-sensitive contact strategies. Write your own rules. Simplify and streamline your sales processes based on your unique business needs. Automatically assign leads and customers to the staff best qualified to handle them.


As you see your patients, just click when you want to see them again, and only if they do not make a booking, on or around that time, the recall system will automatically pick them up and remind them via letter, email or text, and will keep doing so for as long as you tell it to. An intelligent recall system that takes the burden out of trying to remember who needs to come back and when. This will increase the number of future diary appointments and maximise your business potential without overloading clients with mass mail-outs.

Treatment Plans

Our interactive treatment plan system helps you create beautifully designed plans specific to your patients needs during a pre-consultation. You begin by handing your patient a tablet, or they can start an assessment online using your special weblink. The patient will then be asked a series of questions provided by you, and plot their concerns onto a diagram. At the end of the consultation, Pabau will generate a beautiful plan based on suggested treatments provided by you.

On average our clients saw 42% consultation conversion increase.

Online Bookings

Pabau online bookings enable you and your clinic to accept bookings 24/7, reducing the time you spend taking bookings over the phone. Your Pabau subscription will include a bookings page that you share with your customers and that you can link to from your company site. It's customisable so you can choose how much of your schedule to show, and every new booking is synchronised with your Pabau appointment calendar.


Photo charting gives you a revolutionary way to log and track your patients’ conditions. Track a patient’s acne, moles, weight etc n order of visit. It’s as easy as snapping a photo OR video via the app or desktop, dragging it into a patient’s chart. Digital images/videos can lead to g reater accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

Online eForms

Time-saving tools to help your patients write up and you manage your medical forms quickly and easily. Peace of mind that your records are safe and maintained in accordance with best practice. Medical forms are customizable, and securely sent to the patient upon booking their appointment.


Automated, sophisticated and sleek, the feature uses a points-based system that allows you to reward your clients based on the amount they spend. Your clients can optionally track there points via the app. With the ability to set your point structure limited to specific treatment, loyalty is an all-new way to reward your VIP clients and create long term customer relationships, providing more flexible options to keep clients coming back for more


Is the client being offered the chance to convert the single treatment to a course of treatments, we've got you. Pabau has an awesome package tracking system which will track remaining treatments in real time, assign commission payments correctly, book treatments in bulk and more.


Pabau enables you to create and securely manage all of your private practice documentation in the cloud so that it is available anytime, anywhere. Create and use letter templates to produce clean, consistent, professional practice documentation.

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