Appointment booking

Our software's appointment booking system makes managing your clinic's appointments easier then ever, and reduces client no-shows by up to 50%

Reminders & Notifications

Stay on top of your patient's busy schedule! Send personalised notifications to the right clients, at the right time.

  • Appointment Notifications
    Keep your clients informed and properly prepared about their appointment whilst reducing no-shows by approximately 32%. Send automatic appointment notifications with pre-treatment instructions, remind clients of their upcoming appointment, follow-up with them with after-care instructions and remind them to rebook!
  • Send Online Forms
    Give your clients the freedom to complete online forms from any device, anywhere. Forms can be securely signed and submitted prior to the appointment. Great for obtaining COVID-19 consents!

Video Consultations

Clients can't come to your office? We've got you. Provide the right care at the right time by connecting with your clients through a secure video consultation platform, built to enjoy a seamless consultation.

Multiple Views & Devices

Our innovative calendar allows you to view your appointments in any way you prefer including day view, week view, month view, room view and more.

The cloud-based calendar can be accessed from any devices and all appointments will be seen instantaneously across all devices.

Powerful appointment features, designed just for you


Medical history forms can be filled online prior to patient's appointments so that they can have a smooth and thorough medical evaluation.

Video Consultations

No matter where you and your patients are, you can hold online consultations anytime with a secure and smart video consultation feature.


Integrate your Pabau calendar with your personal Google Calendar, Treatwell or iPhone calendar with the iCal integration feature.

Multiple views

How does your work week look? The Pabau calendar allows you to view your availability in days, weeks, months, or even by rooms.

Calendar Filters

Which doctor can do aesthetic treatments next week? How many procedures are scheduled next month? Calendar filters help you view your preferred data easily.

Group Bookings

Book multiple clients into one appointment ( - handy for any type of class).

Company Booking

See instantly whether your bookings are to be billed to a company, or to a third party.

Multiple Locations

View multiple patients and clinics in one single calendar view.

Appointment confirmations

Keep clients informed of their appointment by automatically sending a confirmation email or SMS containing appointment details.

Private appointments

Someone over your shoulder? With a single click you can hide confidential information about your patients or appointments.

Employee groups

Group your employees by location or department and filter your calendar with ease according to these groups.

Repeated appointments

Pabau allows you to have repeat appointments in just one click! No need to worry about missed appointments.

Rebooking clients

Need to book a two week follow up? All it takes are two simple clicks to rebook with no hassle.


Don’t want to miss out on your social gatherings? Easily create bookouts for meetings, lunch, and other events.

Intelligent Wait list

Fill dead space by adding clients to a waiting list. Clients will be notified when an open slot is available making sure there are no unnecessary gaps in your calendar.

Precare confirmation

The moment an appointment is booked, your clients can automatically receive pre care instructions related to their treatment.

Reschedule appointments

Does the patient want to reschedule at another time? Pabau makes it easy for you with its drag and drop rescheduling feature.

Quick registration

A quick registration feature that allows you to create a client profile and book an appointment at the same time, on the same screen.

Who does what?

Pabau's smart diary will only suggest availability of services that the employee is set to perform.

Attendance notifications

You can use Pabau as a daily attendance tracker. ou will be able to receive notifications through email, mobile, or even apple watch when an employee arrives.

Appointment reminders

Set it and forget it! Our automated appointment reminders will ensure your clients arrive on time and reduce no-shows by 90%.


Pabau efficiently and securely stores a timeline of any appointment-related activity, so you can have an insight of full patient history at a glance.


With the self-confirmation feature, your patients can confirm their appointments automatically in just one click.

Cancellation rules

Create your cancellation policies and sleep soundly, thanks to Pabau’s cancellation feature that automatically manages billing for no-shows.

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