Minimise wasted time and maximise cash flow with Pabau’s innovative built in invoicing system.

Checking out clients is a breeze

Allow your clients to have a seamless checkout experience with a simplified payment process

  • Payment Processing
    Seamlessly accept any method of payment for your billing process, whether it’s in-house, or online via your booking portal. A smart interface that lets you adjust any payment details. Clients can also easily pay online.
  • Point of Sale
    Sell in seconds from anywhere with any device. An extremely flexible point of sale that can be used to sell your services, products, create gift vouchers, build courses, and even calculate loyalty points.

Invoicing and Payments

Handle all your invoices in one place.

  • Invoicing & Payments
    Create payments or invoices effortlessly for all your billing needs. Clients need to pay after? No problem. They can simply hit the ‘charge card’ button in the invoice, and their credit card on file is charged.
  • Debt
    Track your unpaid invoices and get paid faster. Our debt management process provides you with rich analytics to significantly reduce your overdue invoices.

Oh, and we integrate with these guys!

More transaction features designed just for you

Quick Invoicing

Issue your patient’s bill directly from the appointment calendar with the click of a button.


Payments are recorded easily when selecting any payment method. The bills can be split into multiple payments at any time.


Like payments, expenses such as food, petrol or more can also recorded directly into Pabau.


With our XERO integration you can automatically sync transactions across in a heart beat.

Sell Online

Increase revenue by selling packages and gift vouchers online via Pabau Connect.


The platform allows you to process insurance invoices immediately.

Contract Pricing

Build your customized contract pricing for each service specific to insurers, companies, employees or patients.

Appointment Information

All appointment or patient information can be included in your custom-built invoices. What's more, all invoices can display your company info.

Insurance Billing

Save time by raising invoices directly to any insurance companies or via our Healthcode integration.

Invoice Items

Relate your invoice items to specific services or retail products.

Client Area

Share your invoices and financial data in a secure online portal that can be downloaded by your patients via Pabau Connect.


Apply a flat rate, percentage or custom discount to an invoice in a timely manner through our flexible discounting system.

Personalized Invoices

Invoices can be customized and you can add any content that you want to display.


Show off your clinic’s logo by including them on invoices. The color scheme of your brand can also be applied.

Account Balance

Easily track your patient’s balance to check if there's anything outstanding, or if they are in credit.

Invoice and Payment Logs

All the related sales or payment events are securely logged, thus giving you full transparency, and the chance to track every single action.

Pay Multiple Invoices

A perfect feature for insurance payments that allows multiple invoice payments in one go through payment remittances.


Easily create transaction statements to track a patient’s payment history.

Billable Items

Add custom codes to your services; such as procedural, CCSD or nominal codes.

Custom payment types

Customize your payment types such as BACS, Nectar Points, Bank Transfer and so on.


Refund any transaction directly from the client's invoicing history.

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