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    The leading solution for cloud-based employee shift scheduling. The right talent scheduled for the right shift, at the right time.

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    Multiple Location Diary

    Our user-friendly clinic appointment software means booking, cancelling and rescheduling your clinic’s appointments has never been easier.

    The real-time software means that any changes to your patient appointments will be seen instantaneously across your clinics. Having multiple clinics is not a problem, you can either view all locations in one go, or filter clinic by clinic.

    Location specific pricing

    Pabau’s unique and stylish interface was designed while keeping in mind usability. You can for example sell a package in one location, and that be available in another.

    Payment processing has never been so simple. A breakdown of the patient’s location, appointment, including treatment price and discounts is displayed. The team can interact with the platform easily with its easy-to-use user navigation to complete the transaction. When billing is done, the information is logged and stored in the patient’s history.

    Corporate-level reporting

    In a single clinic, you can run a report across all of your locations, instantly. Compare key KPIs across your clinics such as rebooking rates, revenue and conversions. We assure you that our reports are easy to use, and crammed with those key stats.

    Pabau is proudly designed by business-minded and result-driven people. We boast more than 200 reports, having more reports than any other clinic software. You can order and group reports in any way you like.


    Everything you need in one software

    Bring new clients to your wellness studio by listing your business in the Mindbody app and get a platform to highlight your promotions and wellness programs.

    Customised Solutions

    With our API, you can build bespoke functionality into Pabau, for your multi location clinic. Scale as quickly as your business can grow Flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs Generate custom insights

    Treatment Plans

    Boost your patient after-care process! Pabau contains built-in aesthetic and other treatment plans that you can choose and customize. Aside from capturing patient signatures and typing in medical histories, you have the option to provide follow-up instructions via email or customized printouts. Your patients will love coming back!

    Appointment Book

    An innovative all-in-one touch appointment book, that streamlines and simplifies your clinic’s booking process. As an aesthetic clinic, our software can be used to book all treatment and medical appointments for your patients. Our user-friendly clinic appointment software means booking, cancelling and rescheduling your clinic’s appointments has never been easier

    Patient Pathway’s

    All your patients have to do is complete a form, sign the consent for treatment, then send back the tablet. Our smart cam technology then captures an image of the patient, integrates all data, and presents it to you in an easy format. With just a few clicks, your patient can get all the treatments he or she needs. What’s more, you can easily schedule the next follow-up. With such an easy and hassle-free consultation process, your patients will keep coming back for more!

    Before & After Images

    With Pabau’s smart technology, you can now compare before and after images of your patients. Using the iPad’s camera, take pictures and compare them side by side, or mark areas in the body where you plan to treat as well. Its easy and convenient!

    High Value Clients

    Look after your very best VIPs by recognising them on arrival. Our iPad app will show you photos upon arrival. You can tag your clients with anything you like such as what type of spender they are, who are their relatives and what’s their favourite products, quick stats, on demand, to create a personal experience.

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