React Internship

Welcome to our React Internship Programme - we have a blend of the brightest minds, and we are searching for the next rising stars! Opening in:

What is Pabau?

Pabau is a clinic management software with a mission to revolutionize the growth of clinics. Founded in a Leicester garage in 2012, by 2 people, our family grew more than 200 % in the past years, with more than 50 employees present date. Now we are looking for our next bright minds to join Pabau and become Pabsters.

Entry Requirements

  • Programming (or coding) Academy completed/ongoing
  • Finished projects preferable
  • Computer Science educational background completed/ongoing
  • Passion for coding

Internship starts as of 1st October, 2022

React Internship

We are a UK based - medium sized, bootstrapped software company. We’ve build Pabau CRM, a product tailored to the clinical sector, making health professionals lifes easier by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes and a bunch of other things too. We’re expanding our looking to add to our Pristina based team.


Development Team



Step 1 - Applying

Check out the Internship Programme and submit your CV. .

Step 2 - Phone Interview (HR interview)

If you are a match, we will reach out for a brief call.

Step 3 - Assignment

We will send you a small task and evaluate the result.

Step 4 - Technical Interview with Team Leads

Technical skills will be evaluated and the decision will be made.

Internship Highlights

  • Learn from leading professionals
  • Work with world-class technologies in a diverse environment
  • Access to various development technologies
  • Chance for full time employment in Pabau

What you'll learn

Part 1 - Front-end

1.1 Javascript Refresher

1.2 Working with Components

1.3 States & Events

1.4 Rendering Lists & Conditional Content

1.5 Debugging React Apps

1.6 Deeper Dive

1.7 Advanced React

1.8 React + Typescript

Part 2 - Advanced & Integrations

2.1 Pages & File-based routing

2.2 Page rendering

2.3 Deploying NextJS apps

2.4 Authentication

2.5 GraphQL

Part 3 - GraphQL Backend

3.1 Apollo GraphQL Server

3.2 Quering the database with

3.3 Writing GraphQL resolvers in GraphQL Nexus

Upon successful completion of the React Internship Programme you will also learn

  • Reasons why we build solutions
  • Ways of building solutions (Waterfall vs. Agile)
  • Scrum framework introduction
    • > Scrum team
    • > Scrum events
    • > Scrum artifacts and commitments
  •  Scaled scrum (Nexus)
    • > Nexus team
    • > Nexus events
    • > Nexus artifacts and commitments