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Why doesn’t your current clinic software have automated reminders for when you should contact clients for reviews, leading to higher rebooking rates? We’re not sure either.

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Pabau works as an automated appointment scheduling software. Scheduling patient appointments online with ease for your medic clinic, medical healthcare centre or beauty salon.

Very few treatments require just one sitting. More than ever repeat sittings are needed during respective stages of a treatment plan, or perhaps different specialisms and practitioners are required at different stages of treatment?

Whatever your individual requirements, Pabau patient scheduling software is the most advanced, ease-to-use automated appointment multi-booking software on the market


The key to successful patient recall is a combination of consistency, message, timing and marketing channel. This being reflected in Pabau’s automated patient recall feature; send multiple, engaging messages, at regular intervals, across the patient’s preferred media channel.

One of the biggest hindrance to running a successful patient recall programme is the time commitment required from staff to implement outreach strategies. With Pabau you’re able to choose various inputs, such as timings, message copy and marketing channel - optimising your patient recall strategy in one, easy-to-use software.

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Running seasonal promotions and offers on specific treatments, and looking for the best way to manage a marketing strategy to reach your most loyal patients?

Integrating your marketing budget, CRM database and outreach channels into Pabau’s all-in-one scheduling software, gives you a holistic view across all elements of your patient recall strategy. Pabau allows you to increase budget efficiency and optimal conversion across any promotional campaigns you chose to run.


  • Fantastic software and great customer support. The system works as promised and has great add-on's which help to personalize the system to suit your salon size etc. The guys are always happy to help however small or silly the problem might be. :)

    • Samuel David
  • Implemented the system in both clinics very quickly. So easy to use and the inbuilt marketing function allows me to reach out to clients by email and text seamlessly. I've used a lot of systems in my career and this is up there with the best.

    • Cavendish Clinic

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