• Security

    Practitioners trust Pabau with the safe-keeping of millions of confidential client records every day.

    Your data is in your hands

    Your data is yours. We just keep it safe and neat, following the latest practices and standards. Should you ever decide to leave us, you can take your data with you, using Pabau’s super-simple data export feature. We remove it 90 days post-cancellation, automatically.

    Securely hosted on a secure location

    High-level security is one of the core values of Pabau. It is hosted in highly secured facilities, undergoing rigorous controls at regular intervals. Video, alarms, professional security, and data encryption is just a small ingredient of the security sauce.

    High uptime guaranteed

    Pabau is hosted on several servers located in different regions. In case if one of the servers fails, another one will take over automatically.


    Every piece of your data exchanged is encrypted using HTTPS (end-to-end encryption), along with a 2048-bit SSL certification for encryption in transit. This means that nobody can read it, without access.

    It's backed up daily too, with adherence to the industry standard (AES-256 encryption).


    Our hosting partner has achieved the following accreditations and certifications:
    - PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard);
    - ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System);
    - FIPS 140-2 (United States Federal Information Processing Standard).


    Pabau is supervised every day, all the time. If something goes wrong, we will be the first ones to know, and have it fixed immediately. Better save than crave is our motto - we developed a well thought-out early-detection system which will alert us before issues escalate.


    Pabau data is backed up and refreshed on a daily basis. The backup files are stored in different locations, too. We keep backup for the past 6 months from the current one, ensuring we have a lot of data for analysis, should the need arise and to restore patiet files altered or deleted by mistake.


    What can you do to protect your account?

    Activate the two-factor authentication feature

    Knowing your login details only won't let anyone in with the two-factor authentication enabled. We developed a smart system to ensure that only the account owner can access the account. It's not SMS-dependent, meaning you can log in anytime, anywhere, home or abroad.

    Understand user security roles

    Keep confidential data within the right circles. Our permissions system lets you decide who gets access to what. It can play by your organization's rules, too.

    Create a strong password

    Use a unique password for your Pabau account tp stop unauthorized access. With our password advisor, setting up a strong password is not a guessing game.

    Keep your browser updated

    Just as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an update a day keeps the bugs away. Not only does an up-to-date browser ensure that Pabau is performing at its finest, it also means you are protected from ever-increasing online threats.

    Control access from linked apps

    It's unwise to share your API key with other apps. When it comes to Pabau, you can freely share your API key and restrict, disable, or completely stop access from third-party apps, at your convenience.

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