• Leads

    Enrich sales revenue and engage your leads through Pabau's all-in-one lead generation tools. Capture, manage, and convert leads in one single view.

    Lead Management

    Increase sales volume by professionally managing your leads. With Pabau lead management you can customise your pipelines to organise your leads and track them along throughout your sales process.

    Start sliding your deals to "Won" with an easy-to-use CRM, and convert leads to clients anytime.

    Capture Lead Details

    Capture your lead's information with a customisable lead form that you can include into your Website, Google Ads, or Facebook.

    Pabau captures all details in one single lead profile which gives you and your team great insights of a lead's information and their areas of interest.

    Automated Responses

    Trigger email sequences automatically when you move a lead from one sales stage to the next; perfect for automating follow-ups, quotations and offers.

    Never miss the opportunity to keep your leads interested and excited about your services while Pabau does all the automation for you.

    Lead Scoring

    Strike while the iron is hot by scoring visitor and patient data obtained from your website into your CRM system.

    By observing your lead's website activity, you can target the ones that are more likely to convert with ease.

    More extraordinary tools to capture and convert your leads

    Bring new leads to your practice by fully utilizing your CRM features and get a platform to help your sales team close leads consistently.

    Photo Upload

    Letting your leads upload photos of their concerned areas of interest increases engagement by up to 70%. You can view their uploaded pictures directly from their profile and discuss it with them to enhance personal touch.

    Lead Stages

    The leads progress depending on how the inquiry is going. To quickly understand what stage of the sales cycle the lead is at, certain statuses can be customised and labeled such as “Contacted”, or “Attempted to Contact”.

    Assignment Rules

    Has someone enquired for a skin treatment and you want that lead to automatically be assigned to a specific staff member? Create your own assignment rules and your leads will always be assigned to the person that is best to manage them.


    Keep your lead information updated at all times with lead notes. Great for keeping track of key discussions made with the inquiry and helping you organize the next steps with this lead.

    Calendar Integration

    The moment you convert a lead, you can smoothly book them in for an appointment. Lead conversion will automatically transfer all data from the lead profile to their new patient file.


    Keep complete records of your negotiations. The software will automatically track all interactions with the lead such as phone calls, notes and more.

    Lead Analytics

    Know exactly how your lead process is doing at all times with powerful reporting tools. Lead analytics tracks your leads data in one place whilst also prompting you to take the next step.

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