Why are reviews one of your most important marketing tools?

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I know, everyone of you has asked the question to him or herself: How much do reviews matter?

We always give the same answer: A lot.

Nowadays reviews have become an essential tool to be used before you buy something, you sell something, both online or live. Trust became the most powerful marketing tool.

Customer reviews and rating tools enable businesses to collect and request customer service and product reviews.

Reviews can empower customers, build trust, and provide valuable feedback, they impact how customers perceive your business, which ultimately affects your profits. 

But collecting great reviews can be difficult. This is because it involves a two-step process, starting with giving your customers an experience worth reviewing and secondly to make sure you give them the opportunity to share. The former is your department but the latter can be left to a software system such as Pabau.

We would like to give you few tips on how to get good reviews:

#1 - Create incentives 

Incentivising people to write a review, such as giving gift vouchers is not a bad idea but obviously, you should not influence what they write.

#2 - Ask for reviews in every communication after any service

Asking for reviews from customers is one of today’s most powerful customer acquisitions.

With the Pabau Reviews feature, you can save all of your reviews in one place and know that they are being requested automatically.

#3 - You can respond to every review

Regardless, if the review is positive or negative, the response by you is an indication that the process has another side and the review is accepted as a valuable feedback.

People always feel much better when they get two-way communication and when they know they are being listened to.

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